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Welcome to Halfway to the Moon!

We're on a journey to answer the big (and little) questions about life in an era when humans have touched every part of the globe and beyond.

Join Suzanne and Lucy as they take a weekly journey into weird, wonderful, crazy and sometimes terrifying stories about nature, climate, the planet and the universe we live in today.

Nov 26, 2017

What can 28,000 friendly ducks tell us about our oceans? And what crazy thing did the sea captain see? This week, Lucy and Suzanne delve deep into the weird world of plastic in our oceans.

Nov 19, 2017

We all know plastic is a big problem, but why? What even is it? In Episode 2 of Halfway to the Moon Suzanne and Lucy will delve into the tragic history of plastic - which involves beetles, 19th century entrepreneurs with grand ambitions, and Coke and Pepsi (of course).

Nov 12, 2017

In our first episode, we tackle the biggest topic around as part of our quest to understand life in a time when human impact reaches every part of the globe and beyond.

We ask if we're living in the age of humans, and who is Mr Anthropocene anyway? And while tackling the big questions, we throw major shade at terrible...